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This weekend saw the 26th annual DEF CON gathering. It was the second time the convention had featured a Voting Village, where organizers set up decommissioned election equipment and watch hackers find creative and alarming ways to break in. Last year, conference attendees found new vulnerabilities for all five voting machines and a single e poll book of registered voters over the course of the weekend, catching the attention of both senators introducing legislation and the general public.

Amid all the cries for “authenticity,” “uniqueness,” “difference” the real cool comes under the trend Normcore. It adheres to the principles of blending in vs. Standing out, melting into the crowd instead of attracting attention, and being just like everyone else.

A minute or so later, joined me on the couch, with a tray of pancakes, cocoa, and apple cider. I easily tore my eyes away from these screen, focusing them on the glorious masterpiece in front of me. Gray smirked, handing me my plate. Cleveland went from having the league’s best record in the 2009 2010 season to the league’s second to worst the following one.Cleveland’s ticket sales also were far from a slam dunk when James headed to Miami. According to ESPN’s NBA Attendance Report for the 2009 2010 season, the Cavaliers were at 100 percent. However, in its report for the 2013 2014 season, ESPN reported that the Cavaliers were at 84.3 percent capacity.With fewer fans piling into the Quicken Loans Arena, restaurants in Cleveland saw decreased demand.

Design communication relies on a designer ability to represent and present design ideas through multiple forms of visualization. From images to movies and now even virtual reality, designers are beginning to capitalize on newer forms of representation and subsequently in their presentations. With the digital medium becoming more prominent in the design disciplines, it is necessary to consider how representations across multiple modalities (visual, audio, etc.) can be presented in a digital format that is cohesive.

And I guess that fine because everyone has a role to play, but I hate seeing hip hop as a culture move in that direction. There isn much one can do to prevent that, though, but I just really want to see more rappers just RAP and actually look to drop classics and not just chase a check. 2017 and 2018 have been overall lackluster for me personally with only a few gems here and there..

It’s a bright sunny day as the batter digs in at the plate. The pitcher stares inatthe catcher and fires a fastball that is belted into the gap in left center. The center fielder is able to get under the ball, look into the sky and catch the ball with no difficulty..

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