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FCA works with a long list of creative shops, including DDB Chicago, Doner, Richards Group, GSD FCB Chicago and Huge. Francois says he keeps an agency of record for each brand; DDB is the lead for Jeep, for instance. But AOR is a loosely defined term at FCA.

Likes to know what you doing volunteer wise and what you doing work wise and how we can make it all work. Added: the way Doug recruits. He recruits the person and that really shows on the team, because everyone has a huge amount of work ethic and passion in everything they do not just in volleyball and school.

According to statistics released by the NYPD, nearly 20 percent of all crime last year in New York involved the theft of an Apple product. In San Francisco, more than 50 percent of robberies in the city involve a smartphone, according to a spokesperson for the San Francisco Police Department. It begs the question: What responsibility does a brand have to prevent crime linked to its products?.

She said her group believes the changes are caused by very brief bursts of extremely intense heat. Crop circles have been a phenomenon among UFO and paranormal activity enthusiasts since the mid 1970s, according to a lengthy 2009 article on the subject in Smithsonian magazine. Theories about their origins include suggestions the circles are landing platforms for UFOs or Mayan symbols signaling the end of the world.

This included Procter Gamble’s “The Talk,” in which black parents have frank discussions with their children about race in America, and a campaign for GE that turned the ceiling of New York’s Grand Central Terminal into constellations depicting female scientists. Moreover, the agency delivered on a promise to double the number of senior female creative leaders over 12 months. Alexandra Jardine.

Nah because let say black does Bf6 and white does something stupid like a3. Then you can fork on d4 and if the bishop takes (Bxd4) you have the nasty move Qxf4 which puts white in a whole lot of trouble. If black misses that move he can still recapture instead with Bxd4 Qxd4 and then Rxf4 and now black is up another pawn plus has a REALLY good position.

Tours: Parliament of AustraliaFact Sheet: Parliament House: Parliamentary Education OfficePoliticians who win a seat at the election will end up in Parliament House in Canberra. But how much do we know about the actual building? The Government agreed to give BtN rare access behind the scenes so that we could take you on a tour. Here’s Emma..

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