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Once spread through the bacterial population, antibiotic resistance plasmids are maintained by the selective pressure of high levels of antibiotics, introduced to the environment by WWE. This study aimed to identify the effect of WWE addition on the ESBL expressing Escherichia coli (ESBLEC) population of natural aquatic environments, and the genetic elements found on plasmids extracted from ESBLEC isolates. ESBLEC were isolated from the Sincil Dike, Lincoln, UK upstream, at the point of and downstream of WWE release.

You are the captain of your running ship, and it is you who determine how far, how fast, how much you will run, walk, etc. While you will hear many opinions on this, running has always been a freestyle type of activity in which each individual is empowered to mix and match the many variables and come out with the running experience that he or she chooses. Walk breaks can keep the first time runner away from injury and burnout, and can help veterans to improve their time.

Georgetown University students were especially dogged, with eight students enduring disciplinary probation for occupying Georgetown President Jon DeGioia’s office. As a result, the university let its contract with Nike expire and Nike management decided to sit down with Georgetown officials and discuss an access agreement for the WRC, announced this week. Nike agreed to use all economic leverage available to it in order to facilitate the WRC’s access into Nike’s supplier factories, at the monitor’s request and to guarantee the WRC access to take photographs, review and copy factory documents, and interview both workers and managers.

From the Rink of Dreams to the Rideau Canal. From the 21C ODR (kidspeak for outdoor rinks) to the smile on a kid face when he sees the assistant coach on the other bench is a volunteer named are 30 cities in the NHL and many fans will not be so forgiving, but despite protests to the contrary, Ottawans will be back. Nobody could blame us if we were bitter, but alas, in this town, hockey is frozen into our DNA..

Item Type:Conference or Workshop contribution (Paper)Item Status:Live ArchiveAbstractThe paper was generated out of a two year Knowledge Transfer Partnership between University of Lincoln and Powell Plastics (Dyro Holdings), a manufacturer of injection moulded storage solutions. Dr Matthews was the lead academic, Jason Forrester the Project Associate. The project sought to establish an in house design and marketing function with product innovation capability.

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