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To paraphrase Oscar Wilde wildly inaccurately to get one possum in your roof space is a misfortune, to get three suggests carelessness. Did your reno architect not include possum proofing? No fear most possum and bird removal people will assess the situation and explain what needs to be done to prevent recurrence. Are your eaves open or something? A possum box or two in the backyard somewhere isn’t a bad idea, either.

Not really, even though I am taking the Cavs in four here. Again, I really like this Detroit team and where they’re going; that core of Jackson, Drummond (who is really, REALLY good) and Stanley Johnson coupled with SVG should lead to many good years for them. This is their first rodeo in the postseason though and I think the Cavs, after a campaign that emulated an MTV reality show more than a basketball season, will be looking to make a statement right away.

Wind and solar power are like sailing ships; cheaper than powered boats, to be sure, but we stopped using sail for transport because it couldn be trusted to turn up on time.Because the weather is unpredictable, you never really know when renewable power is going to work. Its marginal cost is low but so is its reliability, so in the absence of industrial scale batteries, it always needs matching capacity from dependable coal, gas, hydro, or nuclear energy. This should always have been obvious.Also now apparent is the system instability and the perverse economics that subsidized renewables on a large scale have injected into our power supply.

Part of Self Mastery is accepting who you are at all levels, that includes those nasty parts about you that you are embarrassed to claim, they are what make you, good bad or indifferent. Every Mom wants to be the perfect example of goodness but that’s just simply not reality. The good thing is that when we come to understand that those imperfections, Flaws “Bad Things” are what guide us to our purpose we can embrace all facets of who and what we are or at least identify them and know that it is part of what makes us.

Convention center good evening and welcome to news 10 on my fox 10. The “vigo county capital improvement board” met today to approve an architectural contract for a new convention center for downtown terre haute. You’re looking at a map of the area.

On Sat., Oct. 21, I invite you to visit your favourite neighbourhood spot the local business that helps you feel at home in your community. It also the perfect opportunity to discover the unexpected by learning more about the variety of independent businesses in your area.For governments too, it really isn too late to take a new approach to dealing with the independent business community.

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